Dasada's Home.

We would like to introduce our homepage, to all who visit them. We are Michel and Silvia Waanders and live in Zoetermeer just under The Hague. The love for the Persian breed is partly caused by Henk and Karin Mittemeijer. Because of the many stories, pictures and reading various books, we were quite sure that this race was what suited us in pleasant, peaceful and especially kind to other roommates. So we decided, to take a pers.

This was Daisy Over the Rainbow, a Red-White girl.


We now have 4 males and 3 females, they can get along.

Occasionally we will show our cats because we like it, but find our cats do not like this in the future, then they stay home. Because the health of our cats, is our number 1.

Since 17-05-2010 we are the proud owners of a cattery called''Dasada's Home''. This was applied for and registered with the NLKV, where we also are members.

Our current cats are PKD / DNA tested and are negative.

Our cats are not caged and grow up among people. In the future we occasionally breed a litter, the kittens will grow up in our home. We also find it important that the kittens find a loving home. In this way we hope, therefore, positively a bit to contribute to this wonderful Persian breed.

If you want to know something, or you have questions, please contact us by the contact form.

Enjoy visiting our website.

Michel and Silvia Waanders.                                                           



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